"We all have so many memories.  As in time and with water, we are in a constant flow and transformation enriching our souls from continually evolving."

Old time shepherd´s cottages are being renewed and transformed into the perfect suitable lodge for travelers, who, like us, love animals and nature and therefore seek to enjoy and share experiences in a naturally-preserved environment.


Our facilities are located among the Extremenian Holm Oak trees and meadows on a cattle-horse breeding ranch of which our visitors can fully partake. Being situated near a water reservoir gives you the possibility to observe a variety of seasonal waterbirds.

You can go for walks to the nearby hills, have a nice chat by the reservoir shore, go on a bike ride or just relax as you let time pass by.


Cruces de Caminos  is placed in the North of Extremadura, just 8 km away from Plasencia, a city which is the  junction for roads that go from North to South and East to West.


The remaking of this house meant for us an "interruption  in time" to be able to adapt it to the modern living way of life,... "opening windows" to the outside so that our lives can meet with the ones of the travelers who visit us, therefore sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences.



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